Here you can buy a 2019 Tony Hadley calendar.My preferred method of payment is PayPal and you can use the buy now buttons to send your payment.

Tony Hadley 2019 Calendar – Posted to the UK £8.00

Tony Hadley 2019 Calendar – Posted to Europe £10.50

Tony Hadley 2019 Calendar – Posted Worldwide £11.75

The calendar is A4 sized on heavy paper, wire bound with hanger with a card back.  It is unofficial merchandise and is made up of photographs taken by Denise in the last year at various events.  There is a limited quantity available, so first come, first served.

If you would like to buy more than one calendar (there will be a discount on postage) or are unable to pay by PayPal, please contact me at

Please ensure your PayPal account has your address on it, otherwise I can’t send you a calendar.