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A bit about Denise, site creator.  In 1980 I was in my late teens, I heard a new song on the radio ‘To Cut a Long Story Short’ and thought that’s a good song, at that point I had no idea who the band were or what they looked like.  I bought the record and the ‘Journeys to Glory’ album. I then saw the band on ‘Top of the Pops’ and the lead singer Tony.  I continued to buy their albums and singles. Due to family circumstances I didn’t see Spandau Ballet when I was young.

Once Tony went solo, I tried to keep up with his career, seeing him on magazine TV programmes and bought the 1997 ‘Tony Hadley’ album.  Tony singing the theme tune to the TV show ‘Down to Earth’ and appearing in one episode in 2001, firmly brought him back to the top of my radar.  In 2002 my daughter started taking me to see her favourite singer and enjoying the live music, I tried to find out where Tony was playing.  This was in the days of dial-up internet and one computer for the whole family.  In 2003 Tony went on ‘Reborn in the USA’, so was on TV every Saturday night and I saw details of Tony’s 2003 tour and decided to go to Swindon (not knowing that he had been much closer to me before the TV show).

I really enjoyed the show in Swindon and met Tony at the stage door afterwards.  I started this website to share photos, the rest they say is history ….