2004 Set Lists

Radio Wales Big Buzz in Swansea on 3rd July 2004

This was a multi-artist free show organised by BBC Radio Wales, held in Castle Gardens Square, Swansea.

Tony was singing to a backing track and sang:

To Cut a Long Story Short
Only When You Leave
Through The Barricades

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Big Light On – Bond “Shaken not Stirred”- Bolton – 17th July 2004

This was an evening of James Bond Film theme tunes. Tony was the headline act and sang seven songs plus a bit of the final medley. He was accompanied by West End Concert Orchestra, the conductor was Martin Yates. The other performers were Carmen Cusack, Alex Sharpe and Michael Xavier.

Tony sang:
Live & Let Die
We Have all the Time in the World
A View to a Kill
From Russia with Love
Tomorrow Never Dies
Nobody Does it Better (sung as part of final medley)

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The Brook, Southampton – 4th November 2004

A solo show with John Keeble, Phil Taylor, Phil Williams and Richie Barrett.

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