2005 Set Lists

Jazz Café, London – 15th May 2005

This show was a fundraiser for St Michael’s school. Tony was backed by John Keeble, Phil Taylor, Phil Williams, Ritchie Barrett, Andrea Grant and the ‘Horny Boys’ Simon Wilescroft, Dave Williamson and Dan Carpenter.

This set list was written by Tony himself.

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Blossom Hill Catwalks – 17th and 18th May 2005 in Dublin and Wexford, Ireland

The Blossom Hill Catwalks were an evening for ladies sponsored by the wine company Blossom Hill, including a three course meal, a fashion show and a charity raffle. It was followed by entertainment and Tony was chosen to sing (but only to a backing track). They were also held in other venues in other parts of Ireland,
The set was:

To Cut a Long Story Short
Only When You Leave
Save A Prayer
Through The Barricades
Walking in Memphis

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Party at Pencarrow, Bodmin – 4th June 2005

This show was raising money for The Forces Children’s Trust (Tony is a Patron of this charity) and Bodmin Rotary Club. There were various local acts on before Tony.

The band consisted of Dave, Dan and Simon (The Horny Boys), Phil Williams, Richie Barrett, John Keeble and a lady keyboard player.

The set was as the set list except that I don’t think he sang ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’ but he did sing both ‘Hey Jealousy’ and ‘Delilah’.

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Legends in Concert – Wessex Stadium, Weymouth – 24th June 2005

This was a concert of three acts managed by Blueprint management – Tony, Go West and Martin Fry. The show started with the trio of Tony, Martin and Pete singing Addicted to Love. The set went as the set lists, but Martin definitely didn’t sing The Very First Time and I’m not sure that Drive my Car came at the end of the first half. They were singing on their own, in duos and trios with up to 15 people on stage at any one time and at one point there were five guitarists on stage.

The line up was:

Tony Vocals/Guitar! Martin Fry Vocals
Peter Cox Vocals Richard Drummie Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard
John Keeble Drums Andrea Grant Backing Vocals
Phil Taylor Keyboard Phil Williams Guitar
Richard Brook Drums Richie Barrett Guitar
Matt Backer Guitar Deeral Guitar
Simon Wilescroft Saxophone Dan Carpenter Trumpet
Trev Trombone

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Saffron Walden Carnival – 16th July 2005

This was a multi-act bill with Tony at the top. The band backing Tony was John Keeble, Phil Taylor, Phil Williams, Richie Barrett, Andrea Grant, Dave Williamson, Dan Carpenter and Simon Wilescroft.

Terras Bilzen, Belguim – 13th August 2005

This was one of those free shows that pop up on the continent now and then, with various bands on the bill. Tony was on the bill as well as Martin Fry and they were both backed by Phil Taylor on Keyboards, Phil Williams on Bass, a brass section, a drummer, a guitarist and two women backing singers who appeared to be local.
Tony sang:
Chant No 1
Only when You Leave
Through The Barricades
Free Fallin’
Walking in Memphis
He then went off and Martin Fry came on to sing his set, It was a bit of a surprise when Tony joined Martin to sing Addicted To Love and Lets Stick Together.

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The Essential 80s, Clumber Park, Worksop – 19th August 2005

This was a multi act bill with at tribute act, Howard Jones and then a joint set with Tony and Martin Fry. The band were John Keeble, Phil Taylor, Phil Williams, Ritchie Barrett, Richard Brook, Matt Backer and the ‘Horny boys’ Simon Wilescroft, Dave Williamson and Dan Carpenter.

Addicted to Love Duet
Tears Are Not Enough Martin
The Very First Time Martin
Only When You Leave Tony
Lifeline Tony
Through The Barricades Tony
You Get What You Give Martin
Poison Arrow Martin
Free Fallin’ Tony
Walking in Memphis Tony
All of My Heart Martin
When Smokey Sings Martin
The Look of Love Martin
True Tony
Gold Tony
Lets Stick Together Duet

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Tony Hadley vs Martin Fry & ABC: – Doncaster – 23rd December 2005

This show was a re-run of the tour earlier in the year. Tony was joined by Martin Fry, John Keeble, Phil Taylor, Phil Williams, Richie Barrett, Matt Backer, Richard Brook, Simon Wilescroft, Dave Williamson and Graeme Flowers.

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Tony Hadley’s Christmas Party – 29th December 2005 – Fairfield Halls, Croydon

This show was was raising money for The Lowe Syndrome Trust and Huntington’s Disease Association. Martin Fry, Pete Cox and Richard Drummie came along and sang some duets with Tony and reprise some of the songs on their joint tours. The backing band was John Keeble, Phil Taylor, Phil Williams, Ritchie Barrett and Andrea Grant.

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